Friday, 18 November 2016

Disabling Warnings and Autocorrect in Rubocop

I finally found how to disable Rubocop messages and auto-correction on a file or individual line basis.

I have Atom set up to run Rubocop and auto-correct my files on save. Most of the time this is very handy. I especially like how most of the time it indents my code to the standard. But I was struggling to debug some test cases, and I wanted to use Capybara’s save_and_open_page to see what Capybara was actually looking at. When I saved the file, Rubocop and Atom helpfully deleted the line before I could even run the test case.

But then I discovered this:

save_and_open_page # rubocop:disable Lint/Debugger

Problem solved.

Since the Lint/Debugger cop is arguably not applicable to your test files, I sometimes put this at the top of a test file:

# rubocop:disable Lint/Debugger

In the above case, I could turn Rubocop back on if I needed it with:

# rubocop:enable Lint/Debugger

This is described in the manual at, but I had trouble finding that section with Google.

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