Sunday, 16 March 2008

Ubuntu on Xen

I wanted to continue to use Ubuntu Server in my VMs. I like their approach to long-term support, the server install, and the way they provide a pre-configured LAMP server.

As I read about how to build one, I stumbled across a post from someone else who was doing what I wanted to do, and had problems. That scared me off just blindly stumbling ahead, so now I have more research to do.

I'm pretty sure it should be relatively easy to have a kernel that works on top of Xen, and on which I can run an otherwise standard Ubuntu 6.06 install, but it's going to take some digging... This is harder than I wanted it to be.

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Harald said...

I like Xen, and I really tried to use it. However, I have old hardware (no hardware virtualisation support), so I had to run custom kernels, and maintaining them was taking too much time.

Since VMware server is free, and there are Ubuntu packages available from Canonical for both host and guest), I just use that.

Incidentally, I also 'rent' two hosted virtual servers; one running Debian on Virtuozzo (which I don't like), and one running Ubuntu on Linode (which I love).